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Bring Internet to Bolivia

  • Anonymous donated $50.00
    Truly a wonderful cause to support. There is an abundance of free educational resources if one only has access to a computer with internet access. :)
  • Anonymous donated $5.00
  • Lilman donated $100.00
    I'll take 10 pickle juice shots 😂
  • Nitsah6741 donated $115.00
    Nitsah is the bomb and so we will bomb our home away in minecraft in thanks and honor of her generosity and kindness!
  • tsun4m1_g4ming donated $50.00


Every $1 donated earns an entry into the giveaway with a chance to win.
Gaming Chair
Elgato Camera
Elgato Stream Bundle
$1,500 Gaming PC
Unlocked when amount raised exceeds $50k

All rewards subject to terms and additional details.